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I am in search of programs that are available for my good friend who is

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pink soda   in reply to ibotter
thank you so much
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pink soda   in reply to lillyintermspinas
Thank you so much, I know we can all get thru just about anything as long as there are people who have compassion.
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Has she tried shelters, and there is a program called volunteers of America.. they helped me with hotel vouchers while i was facing that hardship God bless her...
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ibotter   in reply to ibotter
I forgot to mention that there was one lady staying there that had a car so they will allow one to be parked on the premises. No one else had one including ourselves since we lost everything, job , house and car due to the economic times.
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The Salvation Army in some areas have women and family programs with beds available. My daughter and I stayed for 10 weeks. It is very strict, but provides a roof and food.
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